MacBook Pro – Mid 2012 Purchased

Well as I though the 2.3GHz model was far easier to find than the 2.6GHz model.  So I have an i7 Quad Core 2.3GHz model, 4GB Ram, 500 GB spindle drive, 1 Thunderbolt 1 port, 2 USB 3 ports, Ethernet port and 1 Apple display port for an external monitor.

Not quite to my specs, as I wanted to be able to run two external monitors but there are some ways around that issue.  I could run a Thunderbolt monitor but I don’t have any of those and they are way too expensive anyway.  I am not so sure they will ever come down to the price point of traditional monitors.  So at this time I am looking at using a USB Display Link adapter to run the second monitor.

As I said not quite to my specs but at a price point where I can afford to do some fiddling around with it to see if it is possible to replace a desktop unit with a laptop.   I have now packed the iMac away while I begin to use the laptop.  Hopefully it will only come out for wiping of the hard drives before I on sell it (or the laptop).

Time to buy some bits and upgrade the Pro.

Is A Laptop All I Need

I have never owned a laptop.  I have played with many and thought they were great but they did not have the power that I wanted and the expandability I required.  I was always taken with being able to take my toy with me but why have two computers.  The iPad has been filling that gap very well for that need since it’s introduction but I have been missing real computing power when away at times.  Well after having used an iMac for the last couple of years and having most of my data on a NAS I have begun to question to the logic behind the need for that desktop solution.  So can I do what I want using a laptop?  I have decided to try it but the first question is what laptop?  I have jumped on the Mac bandwagon so it has to be one of theirs but which one?

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