Apple Watch – Should I buy one?

Apple Watch - Milanese LoopWell the Apple Watch was released in September 2014 and since then I have read about it as well as listening to many podcasts and recordings about it.  Not all have been good or even recommended it as a purchase.  To date I have resisted the urge of a serial fiddler to buy one.  That resistance in part has been price, quite expensive in Australia with prices from $429 (38mm Sport model) upward.  The model that grabbed my attention was the 42mm Stainless Steel model with the Milanese Loop.  It comes with a staggering RRP of $1029.  Way too much.

My other concerns with the watch is – what would I use it for.  Does it have a purpose for a person who is retired?  Was it designed for the working person to keep track of their life?  Does it have any relevance to a person in a country location?  Wow, is it just a yuppy toy – a status symbol of the new age?  Are the feature sets built into the watch, especially Apple Pay, just American centric options making the watch less than valuable or even useless in regional Australia.  Heck I own a number of watches that I wear and they all tell me the time.

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