About Me


I come from a a varied background of technology equipment sales and support, adult education and social related work in a number of communities.  I have also done a bit of web development but at no time would I call myself an expert on any of these issues.  My family would describe me as a serial fiddler, buying hardware and software for the sake of playing with it to see what it can do, what it can’t do.   I simply change how our technology is configured to confuse members of my family so they can’t use things in the house without asking first.

I am a long time windows user who has changed over to the mac (for varied reasons which may become apparent in some posts), but I still continue to play with both environments as well as dipping my toes into Linux pool occasionally.

I am currently trying to teach myself photography whilst figuring out how to keep two Citroen CX’s going.  As a retired member of the community I am trying to find how to best use technology in my retirement.  I am finding all these tasks challenging and have decided at my wife’s urging to turn to travel as therapy.  I also use golf as therapy for all of life’s woes.

Anyway I hope you can find something useful here and please feel free to add your two cents worth.