Remember The Past

In speaking with my father we often reflect on the past.  Discuss how our society evolved.  Speak about what the people of the time were speaking about when things occurred.  What becomes apparent when speaking with our elders is how history is now reported.  It is not necessarily how they saw it.  It does not come from their perspective of why things occurred, why they were fought for.  What was important.  What they made sacrifices for.

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Social Commentary or News Reporting


The recent siege in Sydney was an event that many will say will change Australia forever. For me it was a sad event with not only the death and psychological damage of innocent people but the confirmed death of factual reporting of events by commercial media within Australia. I could also add to this the loss of common sense by all media outlets regarding a significant criminal incident.

As events unfolded yesterday I took to the couch and began channel surfing. Moving from one channel to another. I became disenchanted with how this incident was being reported on every channel. I took to social media posting comments an unusual occurrence for me. I then going back to see if things had changed with how this incident was being reported.

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