Golf Apps on Apple Watch

One of the reasons I purchased my Apple Watch was to be able to use it on the golf course.  I anted an easy way of being able to see distances from where I was standing to the hole.  I am not a good enough golfer to need to know with absolute accuracy as a laser finder would tell me but roughly (within a few metres) was required  To date I have been using a Neo golf unit which I have mapped for my local course and also some Apps on my iPhone.

The main App I have been using on my iPhone is Golfshot.  I purchased this App some time ago after playing with quite a number of golf Apps.  I also purchased it before it was a subscription based application so I am somewhere in-between the free version they offer and the subscription service features they offer..  I have found it extremely useful and user friendly.  It is not as accurate as a Laser finder but it’s accuracy has been more than sufficient for me.  It has been great to go to new courses and have the ability to get distances.  Yes, I have to walk up to my ball and pull my phone out to get distances but that was never too much of a hassle.  If you leave your phone in your bag or have it attached to your cart you obviously need to have the cart next to your ball.   Continue reading