Essential Packing – Apple TV

imgresI know, I know you go away and the last thing that should be on your agenda is TV but, I do love my TV and the current show I was watching was at an interesting point.  So what do you do when you go away and can’t watch your shows.  What happens when you are not wanting to stay out partying all night.  In steps the Apple TV travel pack.

My Apple TV travel pack consists of 3 bits of kit.  Obviously an Apple TV, an airport express and my iPhone.  Also included are the power cables, a short Cat 5e cable (10cm), power cables, double adapter and a HDMI cable.

Before I go away I download the shows I want to watch onto my iPhone using the Plex App.  That lets me choose the video quality of the shows I want to download to my phone.  I always download at the highest quality as I hate anything that might pixelate and space was not a big issue on my phone but you can convert to lower quality.  You do need to be a premium user / subscriber to Plex to do this.  It is a great app and I just have to say that Plex users should sign up.

I connect the Apple TV to the Airport Express via the Cat 5e and then a normal setup as you would expect.  Connect to the Airport Express with the iPhone and using Plex and AirPlay put the TV shows up to watch.  Control via the Plex App.  Easy to use and it is a great interface to use.  I am also assured of 100% reliability when using this methodology.  So you can take anything you have on Plex with you.

The other advantage of doing it this way is that when you get home and log onto Plex it will update your Plex Server as to what has been watched etc.    Also be aware that with this subscription you can also stream directly from your Plex Server.  I choose not to do this as you can never rely on a wireless connection in most accommodation establishments.  Also you have to be able to get your Airport Express attached to the network of where you are staying.  I have found this to be difficult not because of what I know but generally because of a lack of knowledge of the places I stay.

The alternative to this is thinking a day or more in advance.  With the subscription you should be able to connect to your home Plex Server and download the show or movie you want to watch the next day.  You let the phone run the download overnight and it should be there the next day.  I say should because I tend to find the networks I connect to at accommodation establishments less than reliable.

If you are taking your Mac Laptop away with you then the system can work well without the Airport Express.

A bit of fun and it doesn’t take up too much space.


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