Is A Laptop All I Need

I have never owned a laptop.  I have played with many and thought they were great but they did not have the power that I wanted and the expandability I required.  I was always taken with being able to take my toy with me but why have two computers.  The iPad has been filling that gap very well for that need since it’s introduction but I have been missing real computing power when away at times.  Well after having used an iMac for the last couple of years and having most of my data on a NAS I have begun to question to the logic behind the need for that desktop solution.  So can I do what I want using a laptop?  I have decided to try it but the first question is what laptop?  I have jumped on the Mac bandwagon so it has to be one of theirs but which one?

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Mountain Lion – Plex, Sleep Issues & Network Dropping



I have recently been playing with Plex on a Mac mini.  The Mac mini is using a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device for storage of the media files.  I am a bit of a power miser so had the Mac mini set for pretty aggressive power saving.  I was going to watch my media files and my system was constantly coming up with no content found.  Relaxing the power settings did not solve the problem for me unless it was for very extended periods.  It did not take me long to find out that Mountain Lion has very aggressive sleep settings which whilst good also have dramatic impacts upon network attached storage – those network drives are essentially lost.  So the question for me is how do you get OS X 10.8 to reconnect those network drives every time the Mac mini wakes.

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NAS As A Home Server


There are now a wide variety of Network Attached Storage  (NAS) devices that can act as a “Home Server”.  They have been developed as a storage device firstly and with increasing processor power they have evolved to be able to take on more roles.  The ability to provide streaming media to media playing devices in your house.  Running a web server and mail server in your house for the world to connect to.  Even the ability to record television programs and act as a Personal Video Recorder (PVR).  The question is do they cut the mustard as a home server though.

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Plex – Great Home Media Solution


Plex is a server-client solution for the delivery of your media. Now don’t let this turn you off this product as I believe it one of the best interfaces I have come across especially with the ability to fit into different ecosystems. They describe it as “a complete media solution” and even go a bit further to say “experience your media on a visually stunning, easy to use interface on your computer or Home Theater PC. Your media has never looked this good!”  I agree as far as the visual media goes.  While I love my TV and movies I can not for the life of me understand why you need a TV to listen to music.  I don’t consider music videos to be music.  So, I have never looked at the music side of it and at this time don’t intend to. Continue reading

BackBeat Go Headphones – Plantronics



I have a habit of listening to a variety of podcasts and music all the time and I often find that the wire to my headphones often gets in the way as I do my things.  So I thought I would look for some other options – specifically bluetooth headphones to get rid of the wire.  Most I found were bulky but I came across the BackBeat Go Headphones by Plantronics and thought I would give them a go. Continue reading

NBN & Phone Services – Emergency Situations


I have recently had cause to have some discussion with some of my elderly neighbours about their connection to the National Broadband Network (NBN) within Australia.  In my discussions with them it has become clear that they are not being told the full story about the phone connection that they are purchasing.  It could also be argued that they are not asking the “right questions” but surely full disclosure is what should be common practice. Continue reading