Remember The Past

In speaking with my father we often reflect on the past.  Discuss how our society evolved.  Speak about what the people of the time were speaking about when things occurred.  What becomes apparent when speaking with our elders is how history is now reported.  It is not necessarily how they saw it.  It does not come from their perspective of why things occurred, why they were fought for.  What was important.  What they made sacrifices for.

Much is now reported through the veil of modern glasses.  Judging what was done based on modern perspectives and modern social mores.  We forget what they fought hard for and why – it is brushed over.  Perhaps we should all sit down and really listen to those older members of our community and try and understand what they went through.  You know the old saying unless we understand where we came from we are bound to make the same mistakes into our future.

The discussions about our medical system might only be based on some recent history from the Whitlam times and championed by Bill Hayden if my memory is correct.  The discussion about our current changes does not seem to even go back that far to understand why it happened, let alone what happened before that time to bring it to a point of change.

With that in light I was pointed to a video from an elderly man about the National Health System in England.  It is very much a reminder of where our health system came from as well.  Well worth a view, then talk with someone you know who is above retirement age about their experiences.


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